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Shanghai China

Shanghai China


Shanghai, China's leading

industrial and commercial plus financial hub is located in the center of the coast and on the Southern part of of the Yangtze River delta.

The Huangpu River flows through Shanghai, and is a major commercial and tourist interesting part of the city, everyone who saw the crowd at the rivers edge in the evening know what importance this waterway has.

The city is the commercial and financial center of China and it became again a metropolis opened to the world as it was in the past with land, air and sea connections to the world, this is important for the tourist and business in general.

The entertainment business was resurrected for the pleasure of the local people and the tourist industry of Shanghai.

Highlights of Shanghai

The Yuyuan Garden is perhaps the best example of a classical Chinese garden. The closely  Yuyuan Bazaar is a tourist magnet and shopping centre with plenty of shops and restaurants to relax from an exhausting day.


The Temple of the Jade Buddha

The Yufo (Jade Buddha) Temple was built in 1882 around a white jadeite Buddha which was carried in from Myanmar by a monk and presented to relevant people. Communists did some dirty things with the temple, but not the communists finally survived, it was the Buddha Statue and the people who used their brain survived.

The Bund

a business riverfront over around 1.5 km along the Huangpu River. The wide boulevard riverfront along the eastern side offers the ultimate view of Shanghai and the crowd of thousands people enjoy this view every evening. Several landmark buildings are along the waterfront one is the most famous hotel in the city, The Peace Hotel (和平), a great building with a rich history and a even greater view over the Skyscrapers of Pudong. This is best enjoyed by a Huangpu River Cruise which is a around 60km roundtrip passing the major landmarks of the city and is a great Asian River Cruise.

The Bridges

Several bridges are supporting the traffic in the city, among them is Yangpu and Nanpu Bridge, both are around 8km long, some of the longest bridges in the world, a similar bridge is the Penang Bridge in Malaysia, Penang Georgetown also a a large community of Chinese people and is directly related to the newer Chinese history since some of the Mao opponents took refuge there.

The most famous Buddhist Temple

in the city is the Longhua Temple, which shows clearly that all is finite, such as communists, any dynasty and whatever but Buddha is infinite also in China where the reds did everything do get rid of this Philosophy plus Taoism and more, but all failed miserably.

Nanjing Road

is partly a walking street only and probably the number one shopping mile in the city, it is sad that every day around a million people come here for shopping, relaxing, sightseeing and more.

Oriental Pearl Tower

with almost 500m height is a perfect outlook to the city. This 'watch tower' on the Pudong side offer one of the best views over the city. The observation deck is at almost 300m height and a breathtaking panorama is for sure.

Around People's Square

the name is a remnant of old communist times, are green patches, the new museum, city hall a underground shopping center and the Grand Shanghai Theatre.

The Grand View Garden

at Dianshan Lake is a ideal place to to relax and let your legs dangle down, just don't worry, be happy.

Shanghai Museum

is probably the most interesting place in town, against this historic collections, artifacts from old bronze items, ceramics, calligraphy, paintings, old clothing, historic money and numismatic plus countless other items of the past every city skyscraper is secondary. A visit to the Shanghai Museum is a must when visiting the city, you haven't been there, you haven't been in Shanghai that's the simple equation.

Another very interesting place

is the arts and crafts research institute. This place in the old French concession has not much to do with research but a lot with arts and crafts. There are interesting tapestries, embroideries, ivory and jade carving and plenty of other things to see, the artisans do their job just in front of you. Buy some souvenir there that's a place where real handicraft is done, no kitsch.










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